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Where you invest your love, you invest your life. because Mumford


Photo by Ely Fair, Styling and Florals by Juniper

Photo by Ely Fair, Styling and Florals by Juniper

I've written, deleted and rewritten this post countless time. I'm trying to strike the perfect balance between the weight of it and the joy and peace we're feeling. You see, we've decided to close Wednesday, with the exception of the occasional identity and branding project. 

Two weeks ago we were aggressively planning out 2015. We applied for the National Stationery Show again, just launched a new collection, and we were getting into the thick of holiday season orders. We were ready to dive head first into the exciting things that 2015 had for us, and closing our business was not even kind of on our radar. I mean, not a bit.

Romans 15:13 has been stuck on me: "May the God of hope fill you with joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit."

In what I can only describe as some divine intervention, an opportunity to start a new chapter in our life suddenly fell in our laps. We are pumped. It's exactly what we didn't realize we really needed. Here's the thing, running our own business has asked more of us personally than we ever intended to give. We want to pour our hearts and time into our faith, family and community. We're looking forward to the three of us cooking dinners together, making weekend rituals and going to bed at a reasonable hour. 

Wednesday first started when our marriage was only a few months old. We've poured so much into it and it's been with us for a while. I would have never expected for the end of our business to happen so soon or to be accompanied with feelings of so much peace and excitement. This is the kind of thing that would typically totally freak me out, and it doesn't. It feels right, which is just reassurance that this is exactly where we're supposed to be. It's not sad, there is no scandal. This closing is just truly anchored in a heart thing, wrapped up in a family thing, infused with a quality of life thing, rooted in a faith thing. 

We can't give enough thanks to the supportive wholesalers, purchasers, family members and loving friends who have encouraged us over the past years. We're humbled, and we look forward to being better friends with you on the other side of this.

P.S. Our remaining inventory is for sale on Etsy. Once it's gone, it's gone! Also, printers, we're selling our press, hardly used inks, boxes, etc. email us for more details (info(AT)

Wednesday for West Elm


A few months ago we were contacted by the amazing folks at West Elm! They were interested in including us as one of their local vendors in the new OKC and Tulsa stores and, GASP, design totes for both of the grand openings! 

OKC tote designed by Wednesday for West Elm

Our favorite part of this collaboration has been getting to know the people and culture behind the gorgeous home decor we already loved. The people are gold. Truly, every person we have met through West Elm has so much passion for the company and the small businesses they are supporting. The quality of people working with West Elm is a testament to the great culture of this company. West Elm is committed to giving back globally and locally. Their objective with West Elm Local is to make each neighborhood store a communal hub that celebrates and supports local creativity and craft. We couldn't be more humbled to be a part of this initiative. 

It's been exciting to be in the mix with other incredible local artists. We had the greatest time seeing old friends and celebrating with new ones at the grand opening party! 

photo 5.JPG

P.S. We would LOVE to see the way you are using your new OKC totes! Tag us in your photos on Instagram: wednesday_inc!

photo 4.JPG

Hawlander's Birth Announcements


How on Earth do I have a near 1 year old?! This year has flown by at the fastest rate I've ever experienced. Emotions and experiences have run the gamut, and somewhere between bringing Hawlander home and the Pooppocolips of 2013 we managed to completely forget to share his birth announcements on the blog.

Sending out birth announcements is a great way to share your new found happiness and culture shock with others! In our case, the shock was so great that we are the perfect case study for how not to send out announcements. So do as we say, not as we do. Before you get started sending out your announcements there are just a few things we think you should know.

photo 4.JPG

Who to send to

Friends and family are going to be so pumped to celebrate this new little friend! Co-workers, neighbors, and family-friends should also be considered when making your list. Make sure to include those who came to your baby showers!


photo 2.JPG

When to mail

It is best to mail out your birth announcements as soon as possible after the little one arrives. If you are a few months late, your friends and family will understand that you now have your days, nights and hands full.


If you're working with a graphic designer for custom invites, preparing your birth announcements while pregnant is a great way to ensure that they will be sent out in a timely fashion. This way, all you have to do after baby is born is call in the specific birth details to be added to the announcement before sending to printing.


What to include in your announcement

A short and sweet introduction of your baby including their name and the details of your baby at birth (day, time, weight, height. Feel free to add sentiment and personality with clever language and imagery. Many people choose to include bible verses, quotes or family mottos with their announcements to add a personal touch. It is completely up to you if you would like to add a photograph of your baby for your friends and family to swoon over! Personally, I love the idea of including a photo separately from the actual announcement, so it can easily be framed in a doting aunt's house.


Don’t forget the personal touch

Your birth announcement is all about your family, so feel free to take some creative freedom. While sourcing is great, do not be afraid to reflect your own style through your announcement. Having your birth announcements professionally designed is a great way to insure that not only will your announcement be completely original and reflective of your family's unique style.

photo 1.JPG

Relationships are everything to us! Our hope is that our work proclaims the importance of relationships and honors our friendships with our customers through well-crafted, beautiful pieces for the very real lives we are living.

We would love to make your very special birth announcements! For inquiries about announcements and other custom projects, please, email us at Talk to you soon!


Retro Wednesday Grab Bag Sale


To make room for our expanding letterpress collection, we are cleaning out our closets and our past collections!

From the Wednesday archives, enjoy a surprise sampling of cards from past digitally printed collections for $10 a dozen. These twelve cards can help you say Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday, or Thinking of You in Retro Wednesday style!