Etsy Feature

In case you missed it, Wednesday was the featured shop on Etsy a few weeks ago! We were so thrilled and honored to be featured by Etsy and enjoyed the immense encouragement and feedback we received. 



Before Etsy, we sold wholesale exclusively. It’s amazing how Etsy has supported and grown our wholesale objectives, along with direct customer sales. As we grow, we want to honor our relationships with our customers by crafting beautiful and evolving products for real life. We hope to be that friend you enjoy visiting over and over again. You can always bet that we’re going to put relationships before retail, people before production and humility above all.

To see the inspiration and behind the scenes of Wednesday click here to read the feature.

Elyse Fair from Ely Fair Photography took the beautiful photos for our feature on Etsy! Below are a few more of our favorites from our photoshoot.


what a week, for real!

What a week it's been. Well, more like, what a year. 2014 is starting off as one of our favorites yet. We're just thankful for the support of you guys, our family and friends, who are really making it something else. We're feeling the joy and pains of being a growing small business, and the encouragement we receive from new Etsy orders, adding wholesale accounts and popping up on some of our favorite blogs makes us so excited for the things ahead!

You can now find our cards in a few new shops!

TOP: Butter Home in Seattle, WA, Milly & Earl in Brooklyn, NY   MIDDLE: Shindig Paperie in Fayetteville, AR, Dabney Lee in Brooklyn, NY     BOTTOM: Pigment in San Diego, CA

TOP: Butter Home in Seattle, WA, Milly & Earl in Brooklyn, NY   MIDDLE: Shindig Paperie in Fayetteville, AR, Dabney Lee in Brooklyn, NY     BOTTOM: Pigment in San Diego, CA

They are each so beautiful, no? My dream summer would be to drive a silver bullet across the US and pop in at each of our shops with a plate of cookies. Just to say thanks and fangirl them.

We've also had our Valentines featured around the web recently! Poppytalk, Oh So Beautiful Paper, Paper Crave: sigh. We love the company we've been keeping in these features too! The Papercub?! Go meet 'em.

Thanks, again! We can't wait to see what next week has in store.


NYE Photobooth With Christmas Leftovers



We're having a casual get together for NYE tonight. Grill cheese bar casual. That's my kind of casual.

To zhush it up a bit we decided to do a little photobooth. And in our lazy, er casual style, we decided to make it by exclusively using Christmas leftovers. Hey. That's not lazy, it's efficient.


We tacked some of tackiest left over wrapping paper to the wall. Then strung a tight string at the top of the paper. We randomly strung leftover yarn from some holiday crochet projects at varying lengths by tying them to the string. Then we tacked up some extra odds and ends like holiday bows, ribbon and tinsel.

Tonight we'll throw in a few hats, confetti and cocktails and have ourself a real party! 


Hope your NYE makes way for an incredibly blessed New Tear! See ya in 2014! 

RAAWWR. Now It's Tree Time.

Are you one of the 10 people I follow on Instagram that held off on posting a picture of your living room exploding with holiday cheer and calendar defiance before Thanksgiving? Good for you.

I roll my eyes, groan and exclaim that I will never put up my tree before Thanksgiving.

When we put the tree up, it's a full day event. Including but not limited to, cocoa, carols and Christmas classics.

I am a hypocrite. That day happened 6 days before Thanksgiving.

dino ornament

I had been on the prowl for a good ornament for Hawlander, but I'm not crazy for the pasteled and storked "Baby's 1st Christmas" ornaments. After searching to the end of the internet, I decided I would just make him several ornaments to commemorate our first holiday with him. What says "Merry Christmas" more than a dinosaur covered in gun powder glitter. Good point. everything.


Dinosaur Christmas Ornaments


First, paint all the dinosaurs. Ours required a few coats. If you want to glitter them, just drench the dino in Modge Podge and bury it in glitter. Once it is dry, cover your glitter in another coat of Modge Podge to seal in the glitter.


Once the glue and paint are totally dry, put the screw eye hook in the dinosaur. We did this by hand, by twisting the hook into the dinosaur. This takes some work, but have patience, they are so cute.

Now, just add your string at whatever length you like.

Done. They are so easy. We can hardly walk past the tree without Hawlander wanting to stop and play with his ornaments. Which is adorable. My heart practically explodes every time his curious, chunky baby hands discover something new. But that's another blog for another time.

Happy Christmas!


SLEEP. Shall we?

There's no specific "method" we follow for parenting. Seriously, how could we? This ain't science.
We pick, we choose. We win, we lose. Then we adapt for tomorrow.

Picture 60.png

So, this morning I wrote that whilst sitting in my rocker holding, not an infant, but a cup of coffee. I write this now with my baby asleep on my chest, where he takes every nap, because we like it like that. Are we sleep training perfection? Absolutely not. 

I'm blogging my response, because of how personal this whole parenting thing is. I say things to my friend sitting at my kitchen table that I might not say to the rest of the strangers around our table at the hibachi grill. Facebook felt a little to Shoguns-y.

So, I said this in my two month post, but I say it again, after every baby book is read and the pediatrician has called it a night, I think we've got to give ourselves some slack. Maybe even give ourselves permission to try something, GASP, realize it was a terrible idea for us, tomorrow is a new day, and try something different then. You know your baby and your heart, so go with that always. This is just what worked for us this time, with this baby.

Picture 61.png

At two weeks, we started feeding Hawlander on a schedule (don't worry, the sleep part is coming). It wasn't iron-clad, and to this day it ebbs and flows depending on how he's feeling, napping, etc. But boyfriend's internal clock got solidly set, which has been awesome! It helped us learn each other more quickly and develop patterns. I knew how much time I had to run round and rule out what he was crying about more easily. We fed at 6 am, 9 am, 12 pm, 3 pm. Then we cluster at 6 pm, 8 pm and 10 pm and finally at 2 am.

We were always told by our pediatrician, "what gets attention get's repeated," and we've found that to be true with our guy. Once he realized that he wasn't getting fed every time he woke, he adjusted his sleep. We also never leaped from bed at the littlest cry, and when we gave him the chance sometimes (not always) he rose to the occasion and soothed himself. We realized at 6 weeks that he was fighting being swaddled so intensely that he would get furious and be inconsolable, and without the swaddle he would startle awake every 30 min. So, one nap I decided to break all the rules and let him sleep on his tummy. And then overnight in his bassinet in our room. He slept like a baby all night. I would have never confessed to tummy sleeping a month ago, because I felt like it would be perceived as being irresponsible or cavalier about sleep safety. However, after talking to our pediatrician and being a former belly sleeper myself, I feel like we are doing what is right and reasonable for our family. After two weeks, we moved him back to his room and he continued to stretch his feeding time to 4 am or drop it all together on his own.

Our pediatrician told us that every healthy child has the capacity to sleep through the night at 8-10 weeks. He encouraged us to put him down awake at 8 pm and not return back to the room at all until 6 am. In a few nights, it would be a habit.

Y'all, this freaked me out. I swore I'd never do it. How could I let him cry it out? I read the opposition: how he'd lose trust in me, in humanity.

After some discussion, Garett and I came to this conclusion: it's worth a try. If it doesn't feel right then we can change it. Plus, the uninterrupted time wouldn't hurt our marriage, that's for sure.

Honestly, the first night didn't feel great for any of us. We put him down awake, and he cried for 18 minutes. At 4 am he cried for 43 minutes, and at 5 he cried for 20. Also, so did I.

The second night, he cried for 41 minutes, and at 4:30 am he cried for 30 minutes. I did too.

The third night, he cried for 7 minutes and not at all during the night.

At 8 weeks, he started sleeping from 8-6.  Those 3 nights were worth the now 7 weeks we've had together.

p.s.  sometimes we break the rules like put him down after we get home from dinner with friends and rock him to sleep just because my heart isn't ready to put him down yet. That's life. Live it. amiright?

I couldn't have tried this alone, because it is heart-wrenching to hear your sweetest one crying for you. We couldn't have done it. Not without other mommas praying for us, encouraging us and texting us through it. Sigh. So nice. We'll need them again, on the night he goes rogue, gets sick or when the next one comes along and all our good juju was used up teaching this one how to sleep. This is why being supportive in return is so important to me. I want to be for you as you are for me. Method or no method. Sleep or no sleep. Time and time again.

No judging. You make your own bed and you sleep in it, but not in a snarky way. Do what your heart and your baby tell you. I don't live under your roof or walk in your shoes, you do. But I can walk beside you or pour you a cup or coffee at my kitchen table. I know you'd do the same for me.



How Hawlander: Sweet Kid Co Leggings

When I stumbled across the baby leggings on Sweet Kiddo Co this morning, I squealed so loud the baby asleep on my chest nearly jumped out of his skin. Whoops.

Here's how Hawlander would wear these bad boys.

I love dressing the guy, but the thought of squeezing those chubby little thighs in a pair of baby skinny jeans seems a little unkind. But don't these leggings make you lose your head a little bit? I'm smitten with the playful design and functionality! Check out all of  Sweet Kiddo Co's adorable designs here!

see. he is completely delighted at the thought of wearing these bad boys. 

see. he is completely delighted at the thought of wearing these bad boys.