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DIY Fabric Flower


Thousands of circles and three hot glue guns later we have handmade hundreds of these charming cloth flowers for an upcoming wedding! Leery diy-ers, please find comfort in the mere fact that this is a no-sew tutorial! P.S. this is a little wordy, but I assume everyone that reads this is like me and needs some serious verbal imagery. If you are way smarter than I am- I apologize for the excessive word count.

What you're gonna need:

  • Fabric of your choice
  • Felt
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue and gun

How to do it:

1. To start you are going to want to cut a little felt circle that is about the size of a nickel. This will be the base of your flower.

2. Cut out 8 two inch circles out of your fabric. When I cut mine out I added some little dips into the circle to give it a more natural petal look when folded.

3. Take a circle and put a dot of hot glue in the middle of the circle and fold it in half. Now that your circle is folded in half once, put another dot of hot glue at the at the bottom center and fold in half again. Your circle should now be folded and glued to look like the middle triangle on the circle in the below picture. If your triangle matches mine then you are ready to fold all of your other circles in the same fashion.

 4. Are all 8 of your triangles glued and folded? Perfect! Get your little felt circle ready, because we are about to assemble the flower! Okay, now take your first fabric triangle and put a little drop of hot glue on the back tip of it, glue it to one quarter of your felt circle. You will want to glue for petals total to the felt circle. Refer to the picture above to see how this first step should look. 

5. Yes, you have your four petals glued to the base! Now take three loose petals and cut the tips off of them. You may have to apply a little more glue, so they keep their shape. See the loose petal in the picture above for how it should look. We cut these to help the petals lay better to give the flower better shape.

6. You will now glue those three cut off petals on the flower in the shape of a triangle. You'll want to put the glue on the cut edge and sit it up a little so they aren't just laying flat on the first layer of petals. 

 7. Cut the tip off of your last petal and fold it in half again and apply some glue, so that it's kind of curled up like the photo above. You'll want to put glue on the cut edge and place this final piece in the middle of the flower to give it a defined center!

Phew! Okay, you are done! Now add them to your flower girl's headband, wire them into a bouquet or embellish a wreath or a cake! I hope you love them, and check back on the blog next month to see how we used hundreds of these to style a wedding!